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I'm from Egypt and I've applied for U.K. VIsa my partner is British and he invited me over and he said he'll cover my coat there I've applied for 6 month tourist visit visa and today I've got my refusal, we've been together for a year here in Egypt and he has to go back for his university now I don't know what to do , what the best thing in our case !! I'm breaking down and I can't be away
Is it easy if  we're married ?
How long it will take me to go in case of marriage ?!

Hi Amal and welcome to the Forum. :)

Have they told you why your visa application was refused?

Yes I got refused and they gave me a paper with reasons also they didn't stamp my passport

The main reasons for denying tourists entry is if the Border officers think the applicant is intending not to comply with the rules for tourists; i.e. return within the stipulated time, undertake in criminal activities, or to apply for and take up work while on a tourist visor.

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Hope this helps.

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You have failed to demonstrate ties to Egypt and you have declared that you have a boyfriend, which means that you will possibly overstay your visa in the UK

You could marry him and then go to the UK using the Surinder Singh method.

What religion are you, what religion is he?

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