bank loan

hello an expat working here in bahrain for 1 year..and i have a bank loan of 3000bhd...remaining balance is 2,800...unfortunately im not happy anymore in my previous company due to racial discrimination ang politics....someone offered me a new job in lebanon..can i leave bahrain and continue paying my bank loan in lebanon?can you guys or gals give me an idea on this?


You need to contact your Bank and ask them whether it is possible, i know some people are doing it but they shifted to within GCC not outside.


thanxs for your reply...what do you mean by GCC country also?i mean is like dubai,or qatar?

Yep, but will depend on the bank whether they allow it or not.

ok..thanxs anyway..maybe they are not allowing that kind of settlement..

The moment your end of service settlement hits the bank account; you will be asked to settle the loan.  Most banks will not allow for payments to be made from outside GCC.

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