Algarve Rent Strategy

Hi all,

I am considering early retirement from the U.S. and relocating to the Algarve area. (looking at Armacao de Pera, Carvoeira, Lagos areas) My intent would be to rent a T0/T1 in a town in somewhat close proximity to beaches. A long term annual let would be ideal but realize those seem to be far and few between in that area.

It seems doable to find long term let during off season months but seems I would be forced to displace to another area during peak season. Despite my searching and reading of forums etc., I am having difficulty coming up with a strategy of where I could relocate in the Algarve that would have reasonable and available rent during peak season?  Can anyone who does rent today or may have rented in this situation suggest a strategy of what to do during peak season or what area may be worth investigating? Is Silves a possibility being that it is a little further inland?

I will be visiting the Algarve area next month

Thanks in advance for your insight and feedback!

Silves is not very far inland and is quite busy during the tourist season. I am pretty sure you can find rentals further inland during the peak season but for one thing, the further inland you go, the hotter it gets and do you want to move every year? Locals talk about "Algarve" and not about "the Algarve" ie "relocate in Algarve" and not "relocate in the Algarve" for information ;-) Best wishes with your plans.

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