3 months contract without work visa for Indian?

I'm a software developer from India (indian citizen), recently got selected in a reputed French company for work. It consists of two stints, in first stint they will keep me for 3 months and check my performance and if all goes well, for the second stint they will provide me a visa for a longer period. I'm a bit concerned about the formalities related to first stint as they told me the following.

"we would like to start with a 3 months contract starting as soon as possible. For this contract you don’t need visa."
[ exact text from the email. ]

My question is how an Indian can work in France without a work visa? India doesn't fall in the category of countries which doesn't require work visa for France. I looked over internet haven't find any kind of clause where an Indian can work on French soil without work visa. With this I would like to mention I don't have any experience in this matter therefore, this question.

With this if someone can give me more insight about the French visa (short and long term) for Indians would be really appreciated.


Hello DD! This information comes from service-public.fr:

Foreigners (except for citizens of the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, Saint Martin) who enter France to take paid employment, must hold a working permit (also called permis de travail). Otherwise he/she can not be hired. The work permit may be in the form of either a visa or a residence permit. Penalties may apply if an illegal worker is employed.

In general, except from counties mentioned above, a visa is required to enter France. Maybe it's best to ask your employer which kind of visa you should apply for. Hope it helps. Good luck!

First of thank you so much Jessiiiiie__ for your reply , it's much appreciated.
I had a  talk with French Consulate here, they told me I may require a Shengen visa. Post that I wrote to my employer and they replied with "France exempt visa in some area and production (cinema and animated movie) are in the list." , I work in vfx and animation field. They also provided an official document for this but it's in french which title reads "Décrets, arrêtés, circulaires, TEXTES GÉNÉRAUX".

I looked up on internet and it's this doc : http://www.directeurdeproduction.com/do … RAVAIL.pdf


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