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I ride a 650 cc Suzuki Boulevard and love to cruise around the island in the weekend . Anyone interested in joining ? Please let me know we can have a get together and visit Mauritius in all its beauty. Let me know.

Hi Vinni!

I have an R1200GS and often wonder if there is a motorcycling 'community'? I'd be interested if and when we move to Mauritius. What bike dealers are there on the island?


Hi Steve, The bike dealers are varied Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda ...the usual makes as well as we have a Harley Davidson outlet and dealership which is growing strong. Mauritius is a great place to cruise and enjoy the different topographies and landscapes/ coast. Let me know when you get here.

Is there a Honda motorcycle dealership in Mauritius? I'd very much like to import a Honda 250cc from the UK to my inlaws house in Vacoas for my regular visits but would only do so if I can get it properly serviced, and obtain genuine Honda parts etc. Cheers

EAL Man Hin and Sons Cassis Port Louis are the main Honda dealers

Thanks 👍🏽

Just checked their website... seem to be Honda cars rather than motorcycles ?

I know that there's a group of bikers (similar bikes are yours) that meet around 8.30am on Saturdays at the Engen petrol station of Bagatelle. May be you could meet them one Saturday and discuss.

Else, you can also contact Mr Ali Abdallah ( on Facebook). They have a good organisation and are often on 'trackdays' at the Anjalay Stadium parking in weekends.

If you need assistance to contact, tell me.

You can't import a bike aged 1 year and above.

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