Kenya's most expensive cities

Hello everyone,

What are the most expensive cities to live in Kenya? What are the costs of things such as rent, utilities, weekly groceries, dining out, etc.?

What is the lifestyle like in these cities, for expats and locals?

What are the different neighbourhoods like? Are there more affordable areas?

Do you have any experience living in any of Kenya's most expensive cities? What was it like?

Which cities in Kenya would you recommend? Are there any that offer particularly good value for money when it comes to cost of living?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi Everyone,

I can recommend Nairobi as a city with a wide variety of imported goods. Everything from candy to detergents.
Maid or cleaning or private driver services are really cheap. NB: white drivers are harassed by the police for bribes.
Electronics from stores like Carre four are also reasonably priced.

I have not yet tried most of them but atleast i have tried mombasa and Nairobi where i stay right now. well, according to what i have expereinced nairobi is abit expensive and the cost of living is relatively high compared to other cities however u can't miss anything in nairobi. you don't need necessarily live in center of nairobi since the neighbouring areas are also good places to stay like runda, ruaka and other surrounding places if u r looking for lower cost of living areas. that is what i can give u now may be if you contact me via my email and i do for u specific checks before u come. thank u

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