Georgia's most expensive cities

Hello everyone,

What are the most expensive cities to live in Georgia? What are the costs of things such as rent, utilities, weekly groceries, dining out, etc.?

What is the lifestyle like in these cities, for expats and locals?

What are the different neighbourhoods like? Are there more affordable areas?

Do you have any experience living in any of Georgia's most expensive cities? What was it like?

Which cities in Georgia would you recommend? Are there any that offer particularly good value for money when it comes to cost of living?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Tbilisi and Batumi are the most expensive for rent but still surprisingly affordable compared to western cities equivalent in size. It depends on your standards and the value of your native currency. If you're earning Euro, GBP or USD, it's surprisingly cheap to live here. Once you get sucked into the GEL economy (being paid in lari), it's probably time to move.

As far as buying property, homes, condos, you can spend as much as you would in any western city, pending on preference.

You can find a two bedroom flat with modern comforts in a scenic (enough) area of Tbilisi for as cheap as 350 USD (the unofficial currency of trade in Georgia). One bedrooms go as low as 200 USD. You can find even cheaper if you're willing accept less than modern accommodations in a less than ideal area.

Always ask a Georgian native speaker to negotiate - as everything here is negotiable. Upon hearing even the slightest foreign accent, the renter (or vendor of any product) will increase the price instantly.

Depending on where you are from, eating (in general) can be difficult here once the initial exotic flair of the local food has worn off. The better quality food you require, the more expensive it will be. This is applicable to both shopping in "super" markets and in restaurants. Unlike western countries (USA especially), cooking at home is roughly the same cost as eating out - unless your palate favors Georgian cuisine in which case you can eat in/out for almost free.

If you must drive, petrol is slightly cheaper here but not enough to warrant the stress incurred by doing so. Public transportation is one of highlights of living in Georgia. This is true in the cities as well as rural areas. Taxi, buses and marshrutkas (minivans) are available from one end of Georgia to the other for unbelievably cheap fare,

Georgia is one of the cheapest places to live. Just come with your own currency.

Obviously, Batumi happens to be the most expensive City in Georgia. Other cities including Tbilisi are affordable.

Hi I'm Dahab i'm in Georgia 2 years ago and this is some information from my life experience here :

Tbilisi is the most expensive living by virtue of it's capital city ...
Rentals here start from $ 150 for a studio apartment and not far from the center
But a bedroom and living room will be starting from 250 or 300 USD
If you alone think that $ 150 is enough to buy food per month
The cost of transportation and other services such as gas, electricity and the Internet is very cheap.

There is a town of Rustavi, living cheap there, 35 km away from Tbilisi ...
Rental rates there are cheap, you can save 50% of what you pay in Tbilisi..

Successful investments here are investments in real estate, tourism investments and also imports..

Those who speak English and Russian are the most fortunate to get jobs.


We were checking 2 bedroom flats saburtalo and Vaza pshavela and never came across something
less than USD 500/month

where are those with USD 200 and all

please reply

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