Labour Law Lawyer in Shenzhen

Good day, everyone! i am looking for a reliable English speaking labour law lawyer in Shenzhen who could help me resolve an issue with my Chinese employer. If you can recommend someone, I will be most grateful.

i dont think a lawyer in China can do much help if you don't have a solid contract with your employer, not to mention the labor law has too many loopholes to start with. Their first step would be emailing your employer and try to negotiate, by then the meter is still running and your paying enough and not seeing any results.

My suggestion is to go straight to the labour arbitration office in your district
In Chinese :深圳市劳动仲裁委员会

Call in advance for appointment and go armed with all your documents.
It's a free of charge and BS-free!

Good luck!

Thanks! I'll try that.

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