Finding western medicine - Continued....

Any ideas on where I can purchase Fybogel - Orange (Sachets). I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and have to take this to prevent symptoms occurring.

When I came to Vietnam last week, I bought 20 sachets, now I'm down to 14. Searched many pharmacies on Hai Ba Trung Street, near Tan Dinh market yesterday, No luck. Even took the Fibogel box to the pharmacies to show. Many pharmacies don't seem to be familiar with it.

Although, I didn't cover the whole street (there are so many pharmacies on that street), did visit at least a dozen. If anyone can suggest a pharmacy that may stock it, on Hai Ba Trung Street or anywhere else in HCM for that matter, I'll be a lifesaver (okay close enough anyway).

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Have you tried papaya? It will certainly clean the pipes pretty fast.

@Vagabondone: I'm going to give it a shot..Heard a lot of good things about papaya + easy to buy.

Plenty of positive information online regarding papaya for IBS.

@ Stumpy

Actually, that's where I "heard" the good things. If anyone is stumped for time, here's some of the best info I found: … for-ibs-c/

See below for info on how much papaya to eat, the freshness of papaya (say's it needs to be fresh not overripe)

The above thread also has info on substitutes/alternatives to the fruit. e.g. papaya enzymes, papaya Purée. Op recommends the real thing: Fresh papaya fruit instead of the substitutes.

When I looked at this yesterday, I saw that some info said we need to eat papaya 1 hour before a meal (presumably every meal. Keep in mind having several small meals throughout the day alleviates IBS symptoms, as opposed to 1-2 heavy meals). The thread above says eat a small wedge before bedtime. I'm kinda swaying towards "wedge before bedtime" at the moment. I reckon, if that doesn't do it, try 1 hour before a meal. Yep!, I'm willing to eat papaya before each meal. After all, you are eating a natural fruit, so unless the sugar content in the fruit is an issue, you cannot really go wrong. e.g. eating too much (any?) processed meat is obviously not good. Not so with Papaya I reckon, unless you eat way too much it gives you the runs.

The link above also says papaya has other beneficial effects (e.g. preventing cancer), in addition to preventing IBS symptoms.

As an aside, you can crush the seeds and apply to burns, sunburn. Have seen papaya packed into machete wounds to keep them relatively sterile whilst seeking medical help.

The papaya is working wonders. I've been eating papaya just before bedtime for about a week now, and nature has been taking it's course. Regular like clockwork.

For anyone interested in trying this miracle fruit. Here's my experience (your mileage may differ). I eat half a 1Kg fruit just before bedtime. Maybe it'll work with less, don't know. This is what I mean, up to you to experiment. I really like the taste of papaya so can eat 500g easy.

The only issue is when buying papaya you have to buy enough in advance. In Vietnam (may be the same in other places also), papaya is usually sold unripe, or slightly ripe. Maybe something to do with transporting them without squashing them?, I don't know. So you must buy them in advance and make sure they are ripe for eating. One of the articles above said they have to be fresh and not overripe.

I also remember reading that you can store papaya in the fridge and it will prevent it from becoming overripe. So that's what I'm doing as soon as the fruit becomes ripe or close to ripe.

Thanks to Vagabondone and this forum for introducing us to this miracle fruit.

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