Best place to move to for a 21 year old female

If anyone could help me out that would be fab. I'm planning on moving to Puerto Rico soon and would like to what the best place is for a few things;

English speaking (I am learning Spanish too)
Not a city but also somewhere with a bit of night life
Reasonable cost of living
I'm also a barber/trainee chef/bar woman
Also the warmest place and finally if it had greenery as well would be ideal
I know I'm asking a lot! Thank you I'm advance

Hi Kiajade,
Welcome to the forum.
I do not recommend that people that need a job move to Puerto Rico.
There are a lot of searchable post here that you may want to read thru in researching where you may want to live.
If you want nightlife, you are talking the General area of San Juan.
There is some nightlife in many other areas but I would not compare it.

Thank you very much Rey! I've looked into there already but I'm from a busyish village and not keen on city life , I know I'm very picky!

Then I recommend you look into Fajardo general area and the Rincon general area, plenty of bars, restaurants, and expats but more suburban

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