Employer hasn't cancelled EP

My friends EP hasn't been cancelled by the employer.  She resigned in April and it still hasn't been done.  She went to travel today and was told she couldn't leave the country and needed to get it sorted out.  She needs to go,  but now the company are saying it will take over a week because of the holiday on Friday.  This is the companies fault,  but yet she is the one in trouble.  Can she go to immigration herself and get it cancelled so that she can leave? 

Will she be able to come back as a tourist? 

She is not planning on staying here,  but was just going for a holiday and then packing up to move overseas.

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks

If she has resigned in April why is she leaving the country only now. Cancelling the EP shouldn't be the problem why she can't leave the country..has she done tax clearance.You can definitely cancel her own Ep but with the companys consent

Actually she just needs to switch her pass from one passport to her new one.  Can she do that at immigration herself?

The employer hasn't done anything.  They accepted her resignation. But didn't file anything for her tax or tell her anything about it.  She is actually stuck because the visa is in her old passport.

The date of her resignation is the end of her legal stay in Malaysia. She has technically overstayed if she has not been employed.

First step to getting out of the country is to sort out the Income Tax situation (if this is relevant).

She should go to Putrajaya after sorting out the tax and report. http://www.imi.gov.my/index.php/en/enforcement.html

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