we would love to meet foreigner couples to hang out with?

Hello, I am kyle, I am American and I am moving to live and work close to my fiancee in Maadi- Cairo,,we would love to meet some couples to hang out with (I don't speak any Arabic so foreigner couples will be easier for me to communicate with).. the more couples we meet the better, we can all hang out in any part of Cairo, we live in Maadi but will be willing to meet anywhere,,

Hi Kyle,

I'm from Florida and my husband's Egyptian. We live in Maadi. What kind of activities are you and your fiance interested in? About your moving here- welcome in advance! It's always nice to be connected to other Americans.


Hello Kyle, check these two places, the CSA and the ACE clubs in Maadi. You will find a lot of expats and I'm sure you will be able to meet a lot of nice couples there. http://www.livinginegypt.org/portal/default.aspx and http://theacemaadi.com/. I'm not sure if the ACE club is open for all american citizens or not or if it is only for embassy staff. But worth checking.

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