Babysitter/Nanny in Cairo

I would like to offer my services as a babysitter/Nanny in Cairo.
Please contact me by email and I'll reply with more details.


you can post on
and Cairo classifieds


and what are your expectations with the sallary?i could be interested.thanx

Hi, I might be interested. Just need to know more details on your experience and background. Thanks

Wish you are fine,
I am a father for a 4 year child, and i live in Saudi Arabia(working), my daughter is living with her mother in Cairo.

We are in the way for getting a divorce, so the child will live with my parents (father and mother) in Cairo.
I need a babysitter for the child.

First i would like to know are you in Egypt now or not,
Second what is your salary expectation?
Third, are you ready to begin anytime?

My contacts ... (Tamer Awny)or you can contact my brother (Amr Awny) in Egypt ...

Waiting for your reply

Hi tamerawny,

Could you please post this advert in the Jobs in Cairo section? Thank you

Looking for nany

Hi  Mrs_mhassan,

Welcome to expat-blog!

May be an introduction of yourself and how we can be useful to you.

Please feel free to create a new topic on the Cairo Forum, this might help.

Thank you,



this is Ahmed Kamal, married and have a 4 years boy, live in el rehab. me and my wife work. we need a babysitter and also  someone do cleaning. If you are interested lease contact me on 22762676


Hi Ahmed > pls post this advert in the jobs in Cairo section.

Thank you.

What are your charges?

Hi vsholua,

this in an old thread, if you are looking for a babysitter, please post an advert in the Jobs in Cairo section.



Good evening ,
please call me asap regarding the nanny service ad you posted
my name is Nada and this is my email nada_jay[at]

Hello Nada and welcome to!

As Francesca said above, this thread is old. :)
Please post an advert in the Jobs in Cairo section.

Thank you,

Good luck :)

Hi Sir ., Good day to you and family i am a Sri lankan living in egypt looking for nanny care giver job , currently living in cairo looking for a stay in if your interested please call me 00201015599739 thank you

Hi if your looking for a nanny care giverpls call me

Hello Jeannette,

Please note that this thread has not been active since the year 2013. I suggest that you post an ad for your services in the Jobs in Cairo section for a better visibility.

Thank you,

Shaazia Team

I need a job cleaning in rehab as stay out job . You can contact me ,Thanks

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Hello Fatima kiawhen,

Please refer to the older posts feel free to post an ad for your services in the Jobs in Cairo section for a better visibility.

Thank you,

Hi,how much will u pay?

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hi,what offer do you have

Massage at massage center el shrouk city cairo

If you still available for working you can call ***

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I need a nanny for a child 6 years old to be a resident from 14 June to 15 Augusts to be present with him from the time he wakes up until he sleep if we went out she will come with us she will be working in Cairo Sheikh Zayed if your interested contact me *

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The best place to advertise this in the jobs section at the top of this page. Your advert will get better coverage there and will remain current.
For security reasons please do not post any personal contact details on the public section of the forum.

Am looking for a Nanny just like you am not a Nanny  :/

Hi everyone,

@ doaa Elhamy, consider dropping a job advert in the Babysitting job vacancies in Cairo section of the website along with your requirements, qualified members will be able to contact you easily.

All the best,

Hi mam,
Kindly contact me as i am looking for a job. My name is liezl.

Hi Liezl,

Please drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website : Jobs in Cairo.

This goes to all members looking for a job.

All the best,

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