Expat.com reaches 2 million members!

Hello everyone,

For the past 12 years, Expat.com has been helping those who are currently living abroad, or who are hoping to live abroad. Expat.com is the result of our passion and will to respond to the needs of expats and expats-to-be through a platform, which allows them to express themselves and helps them find answers to their questions.

Every day, thanks to your participation, Expat.com supports thousands of people around the world to succeed in their expatriation. Each member – whether they are planning to move abroad, are already expats, or are about to repatriate – is an important part of the chain, and, all together, we help each other to make moving abroad a less stressful experience, and to ensure we make the most of our expat lives.

More and more people, including us, are living overseas to work, be close to family, study, or to satisfy our desire for adventure. Today is a particularly special day for the Expat.com community. We have the honour of sharing with you that Expat.com has reached two million members!

Our community's strength enables us to innovate and provide new ways to assist you in your expat project.

We are delighted to have you in our community and would like to thank you for your continuous support.

And always remember, you have the entire world at your fingertips!

Take care,


Hello Julien,

Congratulation our community. Thank you so much for doing great work.

Best regards

Dear Julien,

Thank you for creating this community. Keep doing great work.

Thank you and best regards


Dear Julien,

Congratulation.  Best wishes for the future.

Cue plan to monetize expat.com! 

Just kidding; it's nice it works out to keep it going.  I was a participant in a very well established expat forum that faded and eventually ended, and get it that it's no small commitment to keep the moving parts working.

Any statistics about ACTIVE members?
A lot of the 2 million are probably one-post-wonders or people who (for whatever reason) stopped frequenting the site.
My feeling, from following the site since approx. 800000 members, is that the forum activity did not increase, thus probably the number of active participants remains roughly unchanged. Is that correct?

That reminds me of discussing local group membership with an Internations staff member once at an event.  Their local Thailand membership is some crazy number, way up in the thousands, but at any given time 100 or so people are actively participating (at a guess; I'd have remembered better just after that conversation)

Heres to the next 1 million.

2 million members, not bad Julien, congratulations..  :top:


Thank you very thank you and congratulations second million

Well done Julien  :one

Congratulations to you, the endless effort from the team and the group of volunteers who make this site the best site for expats.

On our way to the three million.

hi julien,
best regards from me. ya Its really really good social community. wish you very best future Expat.

I agree! :)

Congratulations, Julian! :) That's great news!

Well Done! :) Keep it up! :)


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