Issue with Visa

Hi All,

I am Divotsna currently working in Cambodia. I am from Rajasthan India.
I have got a job offer in Estonia.
The company who offered me the job is raising the issue that how can I not have a surname. They haven't filed the application for me yet.  - In my passport and other documents its just my first name - Divotsna. There is no surname. Its been like this. I have traveled to Europe multiple times and never faced any issue as they use Divotsna for both names.
Wanted to know is this really is an issue!
The company who offered me a job in Tallinn is skeptical now as I do not have a surname in my documents.

Wanted to know if this is really an issue!

Looking forward to your reply.


No problem. Single names are common in Asia, and duplicating them is a common "hack" for entering them on systems that insist on two names.


Surname must not be an issue. However, Surname is always a mandatory field everywhere. But you have surpassed Passport in India then I don't see any issue anywhere.

You must ask then for alternatives or instead ask them for any solution to this.

I too had issue with my name but luckily I got it resolved at the time of making my Passport.

As this seems to be an old post, I was wondering if you have already shifted to Tallinn?

Hope to be in contact.


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