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Hello All,

This is Nivin from India. I will be travelling to Antwerpen, Belgium in November on work purpose along with my wife.  I have received my "work permit B" already and I will be applying for Long Term Type D visa very soon. My wife has also got another job in Ghent and received her work permit B. I have got mine and my wife's Police clearance certificates apostilled already which is a pre-requisite for applying visa.

I have the following questions where I have no clarity though I have searched rigorously on Internet. Can someone please take some time and answer these? Thanks in Advance!

1) What all documents will be required to submit for applying Residence Permit when we arrive in Belgium? Specifically for an Indian, if Marriage Certificate is mandatory , should this be apostilled? I am reluctant to get my Marriage Certificate apsotilled because of very high price (nearly EUR 70) unless it is really required.

2) Does the local government ask for any other documents like Birth Certificate etc., in any other process of applying any governmental formalities. Do I need to get them apostilled too?

3) Do we need to translate any of the English documents into the Belgium official languages like Dutch or French or German ?

Thank you,
Nivin Shetty


The answers are in your questions. With the apostille or not, English is not recognized as official language in Belgium. So all the official documents have to be translated. And since you are going to reside in Flanders, have them translated into Dutch.

It is necessary to think of all the documents as well of the marriage as the acts of births.

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