FYI... just did my 1-year retirement extension today and this is what was required... a TM7 extension form filled out, 1 passport photo, copies of passport identity page, visa page, multiple entry stamp page, last entry stamp page, a copy of lease agreement and income affidavit notarized by US embassy... all copies had to be signed by me. I gave them a copy of my pension statement and asked if could just use pension statement next time, but officer said no, that I needed income affidavit from US embassy.

Man in front of me had Thai bank book & copy with enough monies, but copy wasn't signed & stamped by bank so they turned him away to go do.

Next year will do bank account if exchange rate improves. Would have moved money earlier this year for condo purchase and visa requirements but wasn't sure I was staying. We were hoping wife (was fiancee) would get US fiancee visa but that didn't work out so we were married here and will stay in Thailand.

Besides your bank book you need a form letter from the bank verifying that you have the exact amount shown in your bank book.  I order mine a few days in advance and then pick it up on the way to immigration.  I have them date it the same day or the day before.  At least that is how it works in Chiang Rai.

FYI... renewing was surprisingly easy... turned in all paperwork yesterday (see previous post) and picked up today... only thing that I had to do today was to fill out TM8 re-entry permit form, give another photo, copies of same passport pages as yesterday +  new visa page and 3800 baht for multiple re-entry.

Oh, just fyi... the officer who did my visa extension said she looked up owner of condo to confirm my lease agreement was with that owner. I guess they do sometimes to make sure lease is legitimate.

Good for another year... time to celebrate...

beware of the jungle telegraph!

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