Final Exit Visa

Hi everyone!

I'm a nurse in KSA. This is my dilemma. Please give me insights regarding this. I badly need your help. I'm a first-timer abroad.

I want to exit. I passed my letter of exit last April 2017.-However, last July 29, 2017 was supposed to be my end of contract. But I extended my work till up to 2 months (from August-September). I decided to just work till the near-end of my Iqama. My Iqama is going to expire this coming October 4, 2017.

But on the middle of August, I cancelled my request for exit. But instead I told the company  that I wanted to extend my contract for 1 year since I badly need money. They agreed.

But again, due to some reasons, extending is not a good point to consider. Now I changed my mind and I passed a request letter again for exit. The company doesn't give response to it yet. They said, I cannot go on exit coz I already have a NEW CONTRACT. I asked them, how come, I havent signed anything.

I am apprehensive if I can still get a Final Exit Visa even if I just passed recently my Exit Letter. My Iqama is going to expire 2 weeks from now. Thus, I'm still working. They didnt give me the date when to stop my work. They said I shouldn't think about stopping work...

Thank you for your answer with this matter. It's a big help for me.

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