Malaysians living in POM

Hi, My name is Mona husband will be stationed in POM by the end of this year.
He will be there for a couple of months and me and my 2 kids ( 6 & 7 y.o.) will join later if the situation permits.

I have read and heard about POM and wanted to know further matters concerning Malaysian Muslim especially getting halal products. Do we need to bring those from Malaysia or is it available at POM stores.

Currently, are there many Malaysians expat living in POM and the education scenario in POM ?

Awaiting feedback from fellow Malaysians and fellow expats.

Regards ,
Mona Mokhtar

Hi, there isn't much of a halal choice in PNG, you will find a few items imported from Malaysia and Indonesia with halal certification, also meat imported with halal seal, meat nead to be careful as they are stored alongside pork, also they will use the same gloves to retrieve, I usually buy full packs of meat

He can also buy halal chicken at the masjid

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