extending visit visas/doing visa runs

Hello everyone,
My partner and I are from Australia and have started an online business and ready to try out the whole "digital nomad" lifestyle for a while.
We love Malaysia (been there a few times for holidays). I am aware we can stay for 90 days at a time with the "visa free" policy.
Just wondering can this visa be extended or can we do a visa run to a neighbouring country for a period of time and then return to Malaysia and if so how risky is this, as far as would we be allowed back into Malaysia?
Thanks in advance :-)

You could probably do several visa runs before immigration may react and reduce the number of days from 90 downwards. You need to be out of the country for 7 days if you leave between 80-90 days.

Thank you for your reply Gravitas. It's much appreciated.
That sounds great that several runs might be allowed. We intended to visit Indonesia for a month between visa runs.

You are right to be concerned about re-entry. In the old days, you could expect really unlimited re-entries. Today, there is no guarantee of re-entry and they dont have any extending mechanism. At the border, you will get a clerk who will grant it or they wont. You just dont know. If they dont grant 90-days again, they will give 3 days with instruction to visit the immigration enforcement dept immediately where you would plead your case. Being a digital nomad isnt a valid reason to stay in the country.

Ok that said, I would bet on at least a few trouble-free re-entries but at some point you have to decide what you are really doing here and if you want to stay, you have to look at longer term visas. That creates a new headache because without getting an actual job, enrolling in school or marrying, what kind of visa would you be expecting?

Seems like once a month a digital nomad comes here to ask how to stay. There is no logic or reasoning you can use to be able to stay under such a scheme and that applies to all the countries around here. This is going to create a bit of a hard life--travel, re-accommodation, unpacking, packing up. Where do you figure to live for 90-180 days? Apartment leases are 1-2 years. Hotels then?

I wish i could be more positive. Things have changed a lot, starting from 2-3 years ago. Basically these countries dont want foreigners except as free-spending tourists and retirees and they are clearing them out as their situations expire.

Last thing, when you do visa runs you can hop over to Thailand or Singapore and the minimum time you should be out is two nights. I used to do one night and though they raised their eyebrows they let me go. OFFICIALLY, I believe the number is two months but I have never heard of that being enforced. Three weeks is a very good number. And by the way, when you leave to Indonesia for a side trip, your 90-day visa starts from zero again upon your return. Because of the uncertainty of re-entries, I would advise to make the trip nearing the end of a 90-day period so that the whole thing wasnt wasted.

Dony be so confident. I tried doing 1 visa run to singapore and i was questioned for 2 hours at singapore immigration. On my return to malaysia the guy stamping my passport said my passport looks suspicious coz i just left Malaysia and am returning without a flight back to Australia. Anyway i returned to Australia for 2 months to see family and when i tried to re enter malaysia i was questioned again for 2 hours. They forced me to buy a return ticket or they wouldnt stamp my passport so i had to use my laptop to do so. They were very rude and harrassed me for ridiculous reasons. "Why u want to stay for 3 months u should just stay 2 weeks for holiday".....i told her i was allowed 3 months so what was the problem? She said you cant just keep coming here all the time its not my country. My malaysian friend and her 2 year old went through the malaysian passport area as they are locals and the poor things had no idea where i was or what was taking me so long. I tried telling the officers several times but they said 'dont worry about them they are ok'. At last my friend got a guard to let her into immigration office where i was crying. The woman said she will only let me in for 2 weeks then i have to go and get reviewed! What nonsense is this! As soon as my friend came in and spoke to them in malay they all changed their attitude and were all nice and smiling. After 5 mins my passport was stamped. So i wouldnt think visa runs are thst easy as they sound.

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