Fatal Accidents in the Cascavelle and Flic-En-Flac area !!!!

What is happening on the roads near my village
Three fatal accidents in as many weeks.

Two of them suspiciously happening in the early hours of a Sunday Morning.
Are these related to the fact that there are two very active NIGHT CLUBS opposite the beach in Flac-En-Flac that seem to open late on a Saturday Evening until 4-5 Am on a Sunday morning.

I feel sorry for the vast majority that come to these clubs and enjoy the atmosphere but surely the time will come if the 'FATAL' accidents continue that the MPF and Government will seek to have these places closed down etc.

I believe these places should have a moral responsibility to ensure that anybody is not allowed to consume too much alcohol especially when they know that many go to these place using their own transport.  I don't  think you will find many buses and taxis at 4 AM on a Sunday Morning.

Maybe the Police have a part to play by being on Patrol at these times and have the breathalyzer van closer to these venues rather than near the TOTAL Filling station as the accidents occur much closer to the nightclubs.  Be bold and get more Police on patrol early on Sunday mornings for a while and see if this can be cleared up before the next time when it my be pedestrians getting killed walking along the pavement.

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