Help! Bracelet manufacturer in Bali needed (badly)

Dear friends!

My wife and I run a small accessories shop and we are looking to move our production to Bali. We are not the best sourcers so we could really use your help. The main metal of the bracelets should be brass, and the rope can be either leather or nylon.

We have had a lot of problems with our current Chinese manufacturers and we are looking for smaller, more ethical and environmentally friendly suppliers to work with.

Hope you can help us!



Just for information  for brass your bracellet manufacture you can reasearch at celuk village next to batu bulan with traditional company bit with expert skill with friendly atmosphere :)

I agree Wayan...Celuk is the place to seek out good manufacturers.  :top: 

To that I would add the tip for Ben...get off the main roads and explore the inner village roads where you can find the family compounds that do most of the creative and manufacturing work.  Talk to people and network.

Exactly perpect for support local too :)

Yes, an excellent point, and of course the prices will be much better too. 

Just curious Wayan, living in "the big durian" do you miss Bali?  Aside from Galungan and Kuningan do you get to come home often enough?

Yes, that the main thing im my mind and worry about mt.agung seismic activity... Wish everything gonna be alright :)

We're about 34 km (as the bird flies) from Gunung Agung, in Ubud, and feel tremors a few times a day.  A few hours ago there was fairly strong one. 

The trade winds are still heading in westerly direction which would mean than any heavy ash cloud would be dumped most all the way from the east to west coast of Bali, and then on into eastern Java.  That would have a severe impact on Bali's agriculture and possibly on eastern Java as well.     

None of the experts can say one way or another what the outcome will even most likely be...and as they remind us, the holy mountain could just as easily calm down and go back to sleep. 

Most impressive is the outpouring of help and relief for the 50 or so thousand Balinese who had to evacuate with many living in temporary shelters.  I've heard that all the priests have been evacuated from Pura Besakih which as you well know, is right on the slope of Gunung Agung.  But I also heard that each day some are allowed to return briefly in order to make the required daily offerings. 

So, it's just a matter of wait and see, and hopefully for not too long considering the Balinese who had to evacuate.

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