Moving to muscat!


I am currently working in saudi arabia for about 2400 omani riyals (equivalent) but with no benefits.

I am about to get an offer from a leading company in oman for 2200 omani riyal plus family benefits.

Is it good enough?

Hi gadgetguru,

Any day, the quality of life in the Sultanate would be far, far better than it is in the KSA.

You must do a little bit of comparative reading between how life is in Oman and in the Saudi.

You will easily find the answer.

Thank you sumitran.

If you were me, will you accept this offer? (Distregarding other factors)

gadgetguru :

Thank you sumitran.

If you were me, will you accept this offer? (Distregarding other factors)

Hi gadgetguru,

Tricky question ...

The instantaneous reaction would be, yes, I would grab the opportunity with both arms ...

However on second thoughts, on account of the slump in the economy, jobs for expatriates are becoming harder by the day to retain. Job security is a huge question mark. The hiring of expatriates is also becoming sparse. So do I need to risk it ?!?

If you are in a steady job, would it make sense for you to jump from there to something which is good, but only to discover after 6-months that the job is not so secure and is becoming shaky ? This could result in a lot of stress and anxiety, even if you retain your job.

If you feel your present job is safe and secure, then I think you should continue there, though the new job offer in Oman is definitely a better opportunity. But it comes with its own fair share of risks. Most importantly, your job would not be secure, until the market shows some signs of improvements.

How much of a risk-taker you are, only you know. So discuss the various pros and cons of both the present and the future jobs with your family and friends and then make an informed decision.

Thanks man, i have 48 hours to think!i will b back to bother you

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