Looking for a host family in bursa/Turkey

Hi, I'm Sari 67 and wife 60 looking for a host turkish family to host us during our stay for about 2-3 weeks in Turkey in an attempt to may be purchase an appartment in Turkey and settle there.
Meamwhile we would like to exchange culture of Jordan with Turkish culture and also Arabic and Turkish languages in addition of English language.
Interested host families please kindly notify..
Thank you.

u can try on COUCHSERFING website

thank you

Hosting is burdensome for owners and not popular in Turkey:( U guys could stay in a cheaper hotel called (pansiyon in Turkish) for 3 weeks and look for a flat to buy as your taste.

I have a friend from jordan that could help finding a right investment in Bursa for you if needed. He lives in Istanbul. Pm me if you are interested.

Thanks a lot.
Yes please , your help is very appreciated.
Pls let me know how to get in touch with the friend of yours from Jordan who happened to reside in istanbul.
Great job ,

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