Hi guys ,

I am Leo from Germany . Maybe you can help me by giving me useful suggestions .

In the next 6 months I consider to move to Dubai as I really like the country and the city . I already have been there before many times. So I have made  decision to move there soon .  In order to get the residence visa and a new job I know that I must do  a medical examination. The problem I have is , that I am HIV+ but since years undetectable viral load , which means I CAN NOT transmit the virus !!!! My question is : are there any chance for me to pass successfully through the medical tests despite the fact I am HIV + ?Can the blood test proof my virus although I am undetectable ?Or are there any other "options " which can help me to get successfully through the medical tests .
I really appriciate your help and looking forward to hearing from you .

its not an ordinary disease. it will not possible for you to enter in UAE with this disease. you should get rid from this disease.

as I told my virus load is undetectable , which means the dieses can´t be transmit anymore . However, I am wondering if there are some " sneaky " ways to pass through the medical check .

Hi. Looking at your conversation.  Normally screening of blood test is hard here. You can be rejected from a medical test. same had an issue of my friend of medical test luckily he got his all visa process done by the help of contacts. let me contact him and you can contact him directly.

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