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                         I am from India i had been interviewed and offered a job by a company in Malaysia they had send me offer letter and employment pass documents for processing and   they had asked me to fill the documents.I had send it back to the company when I enquired about the current status they replied me they are in midst of the processing and also they inform me normally it will take 2 months for employment pass to approve so my concern is when I can join my company in Malaysia.

In two months time (++). You have to wait for the Visa with Reference to be authorized and then go and get it put into your passport in India. This is done AFTER the employment pass is approved....

Dear gravitas ,

        Thank you gravitas for your reply .  I had heard that a calling visa in Malaysia is issued with in 45 days .How can I check it status online..

I was not aware the VDR (calling visa) could be viewed online, but the esd do have a database you can check https://esd.imi.gov.my/portal/application-status/

Thank you gravitas for the valuable information.

I had checked the status from the above link given but it is showing "Return to the Company" Means what? Need your valuable comments.

That comment usually means there is a problem with the application.

Paperwork is incomplete or inaccurate (there are new salary requirements*)
Insufficient advertising of vacancy
Malaysian candidates are available. 
Foreign hires are not deemed necessary for the position
Job description and candidate CV are mismatched (e.g. over/under qualified)
Insufficient relevant experience
Applicant needs to be outside of the country during Stage 1 (first EP application)
Current EP needs cancellation and/or NOC required

I am sure the company will let you know the problem, if you enquire.

There are other issues but they are to do with the company itself. It needs a  certain paid up capital and also to have space in their quota (i.e. ratio of local to foreign hires)

* These came into force on 1st September and are changes to Category I, II and III Professional Passes. The length of contracts has also changed. e.g. salary of RM10k per month is now the requirement for Category I

Thank you gravitas  for your reply I will contact company HR regarding the current status of my employment pass application.

I had inquired  company HR in Malaysia regarding the current status of my employment pass application but until now no reply from them....I need your valuable advice regarding this situation.The status is still "Return to the Company".I had never been to Malaysia before.Please advice

Sir Gravitas I had contacted Company HR in Malaysia two days back  regarding the current status of my EP application but till i don't have any information from Company HR regarding the current status.The status is sill "Return to the Company" I  hope there is no problem....Need your valuable Advice regarding this.

Hi...your company in Malaysia needs to inform you why the application was returned..only then we can assist you

I had contacted them but no information .I hope there is nothing serious.

Hi, i just tried to check through this website https://esd.imi.gov.my/portal/application-status/ but it said no record found :( what does it means?

ESD processes so-called Professional Pass (Cat. 1-3) and there is another system - The Foreign Workers Centralized Management System. Two different processing systems. Quite often ASEAN professionals are managed through FWCMS.

Maybe you didnt key in properly or maybe your company registered under MDEC instead. What is your company's business activities

Hi hope someone can answer my question.

I got a job offer to work in malaysia and my visa will be process in FWCMS, I read some comments and it has a maximum of 3 years working in the company because it is renewable only 2x.. my question is after 3 years working in the company can i take the 3 months cooling period and return again to work in the same company for another 3 years?

Hi Gravitas! Can we check the status of VDR online? I am a bit worried about it cz it's been more than a month waiting for calling visa in my home country

Dennis - yes, cooling after 3 years when on FWCMS and wanting to remain with same employer. Current rules.

As far as I know nowhere to check about VDR online.

Thank you Gravitas so it means i can comeback again to work in the same company after 3 years..

But how about the visa? do I need again to wait for a new VDR while in the cooling period to be stamp again in my passport in the philippines or no need for a new visa?

When they apply for your employment pass they will automatically apply for the vdr. You can check your status at the link below:


I checked in the above link.
It shows no record found. Whats that mean?

No application made? But I think now only the employer can access database info

As a foreigner if i got work permit in construction company as engineer and i can do a parttime as uber or grab driver? Or anyother parttime job?

Definitely NOT legally.

Get your driving license sorted out before you arrive as well - because it needs action - https://www.indianhighcommission.com.my … ense.html#

hi .can anyone  help me by giving  information  about vdr process.i have submitted  my all documents  through  manpower  before 20 days.when i check  vdr online it shows no records  found .all the kyewords are right but it shows just no records found.

pls reply my query as soon as fast because  i have tried too much i could not get any info.

Can you give me the link where you are checking your "VDR" please

the link where i checked is https://esd.imi.gov.my/portal/application-status/


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