Car buy in cyprus or import 6 yr old diesel car?

Im looking for advice on what i should do. Would it be better to purchase a car there?

depends on whether you think your car is worth spending the cash on transporting it over  -second hand cars here tend to retain their value quite well. If it is a solid reliable car and you trust it implicitly it may well be a better option than buying a similar car here and getting someone else problems...

the import taxes are not expensive

A lot would depend on the condition of the car you want to import. A 6 year old car from the UK will have been exposed to 6 winters of salted roads whereas the same car in Cyprus will probably be rust free for many years to come.

Next year 2018 I will be coming over and decided to bring one of my vehicles over.  It will be 6 years in 2018 and just out of warrantee but low mileage and in tip top shape.  My other vehicle which is brand new will not be coming with because coming from RSA it means all warrantees are no more valid according to a FORD representative. So I will have to purchase a new one for the wife.  Sure she will be happy!

Any tips for a good/cheap car insurance? As I got  a quote recommended by RSS shipping and found it quite dear?!
Status insurance I was quoted...


Abbeygate are very good  been with them for three years now =  just renewed again for the fourth year

dont forget to bring your No Claims Bonus discount evidence with you

They are in Cyprus too? Are they the cheapest ones around? Thanks... would also a "100 year" no claims bonus  ;) work in favour in Cyprus ya?
Thanks Toon you're a star :-)

yes they are

i dont know what a 100 yearno claims bonus is?

Bring you NCB cert with you they will accept it  - - - cost will be dependent on car - cover required, NCB and drivers as usual....

email them for a quote

Pacific, Atlantic, Top Quotes are others to consider  - in my experience Abbeygate for us has always been the cheapest for our needs

:D That was a joke. Meaning I drive since forever and have also a non claims bonus forever. Yea I have that cert and I will bring it.
Is it the same with full comprehensive which is really the one you are required in Ireland.

Thanks a lot Toon

LOL ...yes you can have fully comp if you want it or less should you feel it more appropriate - -depends on the car s value really but make sure you value your car reasonably

Is a full comprehensive necessary in Cyprus?  well my car is really quite new and I love it.

And I had a car in Greece and I know the maniacs in the road, being very proud not having had one accident at all and I lived in the city :D
So I guess I am aware of whats facing me on Cyprus roads... and loving my car lol

if new then yes id say so  - weve kept fully comp for the last 4 years now and dropped the value of our car from €10k to €6,5k  - so may decide to lower the cover when its 5 years old..,we shall see...

i suppose much depends on how much motoring you will be doing - weve only covered 25000kms in a little over three years

yea here too I am here on the lowest mileage in Ireland as I hardly cover any miles/km... Here I am on about 10k a year and hardly do that.
I will be working loads so guess not much driving anyway for me.... ;-)

Well my car next  year will be 5 years old not new but great condition....I am gonna let them quote me both so I guess...

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