how can i bring my indian gf to norway and marry her ? please help

hi , i have been in a 3 years relationship with indian girl ...
and i'm so deeply in love with her that i really can't imagine my life without her
we are planing to get married but we dont know what can we do.
i'm 21 years old guy i'v been in norway for 10 years so i'm a Norwegian citizen
but currently i dont have a job because i'm still trying to make my career
so u can say that i'm still a student
my girlfriend is also 21 from india, she have completed bba , and now she is studying mba 3rd semester, she is a smart girl and i'm sure if she will get the opportunity to work in norway she will not lose it, but right now everything is so complicated because i don't have income , i don't know how can i bring her to norway i don't know what to do, its so important for me because she is my life and i don't have so much time left.. maybe i have less than 1 year to bring her to norway otherwise her parents is going to force her to get married to old man.. can you please help if u have any information or any advice ? thanx alot

Hi, the first most important thing is to find yourself a job and stay on it :) In UDI terms once your gf applies for a fiance visa, you will be the REFERENCE PERSON. Meaning you need to qualify to meet their aforesaid list of requirements as you need to support your fiance/wife upon arrival here in Norge. Try to visit so you can doublecheck the specific requirements but as far as I know it is really a big plus when you have a stable job bec they will check your records for the last 3 years for your income. It doesnt matter how much you earning now if they see you dont meet their income tax (pretax) /after taxes requirement not only for the current year once your gf apply for the visa but as well the previous years. I have read other cases here who got denied of the visa bec their sponsors income status so you can also search their experiences in the thread here. Something to ponder on. :)


Look, I am so sorry for the condition. I am an Indian and I know how things can be if the girl's family is adamant about her marriage. Your situation is quite delicate and I am sorry to say that since you do not have a job it may be difficult for her to come over to Norway and stay with you. And unfortunately, from 1st January 2017 a new rule has been passed by the Norwegian government that minimum age limit for couples to get family immigration visa is 24 years. … in-norway/
This compounds the problem even more. In this case, the girl can't get the visa at all. Besides, there is always the problem of income for the reference person as @alina4384 said. I do not see a way at the moment that can help you. Even if you get a job, you and your girl friend must be at least 24 years of age.

Another suggestion: Ask the girl to take a stand against her parents if they are forcing her. In India there are agencies, NGOs and government organizations that can take care of such situations and bring the girl out of this. However, this means that the girl most likely be fighting against her parents. But given the situation, I guess this should be done!

Can you marry her in India first?  Since you said she is highly educated and capable,  get her over to norway as tourist and try to look for job?  Once she gets a job offer, she can apply for skilled worker residence permit under her own name.  she does not need to rely on you as the "sponsor".  It is also better this way in terms of getting permanent residence application in future.

I don't think there is an age limit for skilled worker visa as long as you get a job offer.  See below link. … d#link-816

Once the age limit for applying family unification is over, she can then try to change residence permit to family unification (assuming that you and her have sufficient income requirement) for better protection.  better protection because if a skilled worker visa holder lost the job, she only has 3 months to find another job.  if she fails to do so, she will be deported from Norway.  Having family unification is better in this aspect.

But having a skilled worker permit and have a job during application of family unification, the approval process is much faster (in my case).  UDI approved my family unification application in less than 3 months because I used to hold skilled worker visa and I have a job to support myself in Norway.

In many ways, skilled worker visa is good as the first permit to get to stay in Norway.  The downside is I lost the opportunity to free norwegian classes.  I have to pay for my norwegian classe because there is language proficiency requirement for applying permanent residency.

Hi, I sent u a pm, please check it.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation but as Alina has mentioned above, you need to have a job to sponsor your girlfriend.

You can look into fortnight's suggestion but your gf she will need a combination of luck and skill. Unless she works in a very in demand or specialized field or industry, or has  work connections or made a good prior impression with Norwegian companies or people who can put in a good word for her, it's really not that easy to get work unless you speak the language. Bachelors degree here is nothing special when a lot of people here have masters degrees.

I'm not sure I agree with souvik on the age thiough. I think I read somewhere that the minimum age of 24 can be waived if you can provide proof that you enter in the relationship in your own freewill. I may be wrong though so do check on this yourself.

You mentioned that you are a student... are you receiving some from of grants or loan? I think I read somewhere that you can still sponsor a fiancee if you are a student so long as you can show proof of future income (in this case in the from or student grants or loans)? If you're a student, you don't need to fulfill the previous year's income requirement, just the future income. Of course I can be wrong so if any one has more info on this maybe they can share too!

Best of luck to you and your girlfriend. I hope it all works out for you.

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