Cost of living with this salary in Leeds


I have recently received a job offer of 1700 GBP/month after tax, but I don't know how comfortable I'd be living with this salary taking into consideration that I'll be paying for the accommodation and everything else:

- Food/Groceries
- Transportation
- Utilities, Council tax, TV license, etc.
- Telephone/Broadband
- Gym membership (a must)
- Dental insurance
- Occasional shopping for anything

Thanks a lot! :)

UK cities aren't cheap places. You'll live OK but don't expect to be rich.

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On that salary, you could just make it but it would be tight.

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Hi guys,

Thank a lot for your answers. :)

@ SimCityAT could you please give me more details about what "tight" means? If it's too tight I don't know if I should relocate. Maybe the gym membership and the dental insurance are covered by the company, but I'll have to ask.

Hi Alexander and welcome to the Forum. :)

The Numbeo website provides details about costs of living; this link will take you to their page for Leeds.

There is also an online calculator that tells you about UK tax and National Insurance charges; this link will take you there.  In addition to these costs, you will also be required to pay the local Council Tax; how much will depend on where you live; this link will take you to the website that lists the current costs.

My opinion (I currently live near Leeds), the salary is nothing special and it will very much depend on where you choose to live and your lifestyle.

Hope this helps.

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So whether you're watching live TV on a television, computer, tablet, games console, smartphone or any other device, you'll need to pay the fee. However you do not need a TV licence if you only watch content after it's been shown on television – UNLESS it's on iPlayer. There are three payment options. You automatically pay the full TV Licence fee of £147 in one go. You'll usually pay for your first licence within six months, in instalments of around £24.50 per month. (If we have to spread the cost into four or five monthly instalments, each payment may be slightly higher).

Broadband Can cost 15+ GBP you would need to shop around.

Can't tell you exactly how much Council Tax you would pay as it depends on where you live.

Food, 50 GBP a week if you live healthily?

Transportation     £56.00 for a Monthly Bus ticket that covers the whole of Leeds (£580.00 for a year ticket)

Thanks a lot guys! I've decided that I don't need a TV license :) and Looking at I see that the monthly costs without rent are @ 600 pounds/month ( I hope this includes internet, transportation, gym, utilities, food) + @ 600 pounds for the rent of 1 bedroom apartment outside city center which includes the council tax. So the total monthly spend would be around 1200 - 1300 pounds. Could you please tell me if I'm missing something or if  my calculations are correct? I don't know how accurate the info from numbeo is.

Alexander05 :

Thanks a lot guys! ......... Could you please tell me if I'm missing something or if  my calculations are correct? I don't know how accurate the info from numbeo is.

The Numbeo costs represent the previous 12 months, so are always a bit behind the curve.  Inflation in the UK overall is currently circa 3%, so you would need to add this.

Hello there,

If this is after tax, you should be fine as the rent for a 2 bedroom house outside city centre will be around £550 up per month. Council tax £70 water £35 electricity and gas £70, food for one £40, transport is cheap ish as weekly ticket for bus £14.50. Gym variés on when you go.



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