64k for 2 people unmarried in Munich

Hello everyone,

I have a work experience as a QA Engineer of 4 years (recently promoted to senior) in my home country. I have a job offer of 64k gross a year also as a senior and 2k gross bonus for relocation. Do you think this would be enough for a couple until my partner finds something to work in Munich too? The salary is ok in my opinion but I am not sure if it will suffice given the high rents over there.


This salary is above the average German household income (which statistically means a family with kid). If you cannot manage on that as a couple, you have only your own lifestyle and spending habits to blame!

Thanks Beppi. I am not a big spender but I also like living comfortable. Where I am now I also have a good salary and what I am trying to find out is if I can keep the same lifestyle. Unfortunately I know you can find cheaper rents there too but as a foreigner I see myself somewhat obligated to use first furnished apartments like the ones from Mr. Lodge and boy they have some big prices.

Alexa91M :

I am not a big spender but I also like living comfortable.

This is a big contradiction within one sentence!
Yes, temporary accommodation can be expensive. You can look for a friend to bunk with initially - and speed up your search for a permanent place.

Living comfortable may mean different things for different people Beppi. But anyway thank you for your response.

Alexa, check out Immobilienscout24 on the web. That is way cheaper than MR. lodge. Mr. Lodge´s prices are too high. They provide only furnished places and they charge a huge fee for it. You might have to do a bit more work to your apt. when you find one, but it will be worth it to make it your own and you will pay a lot less rent. There are a few haters on this website. Just ignore them. I learned that the hard way. Also, another site is  and their prices are very competitive. It may take awhile, but I am sure you can find something suitable for your first place here. Also, you might want to find the area you want to live in first, then look at small real estate providers in that specific area. That will narrow it down and make your search a lot easier. I found my place that way.

Good luck!

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