Would you know of any volunteer work please?

Would you know of any volunteer work please?
I am in trouble here and I cannot find a way out.
I am at camping Albufeira do Maranhao in Avis as Happy Days Goldfinder, because that's the name on my passport.
I owe 2 months rent so I cannot leave without paying.
I have a tent and a car, a good car, I paid £2795 1 year ago.
I have tried selling the car but the garage will only give me 300 euro, which will not help my situation.
I am writing a book and doing an online course.
I do not drink or take drugs of any kind, except tea.
I am willing to work for food and accommodation.
I came here to cure Pneumonia, that worked.
The job I was doing stopped paying me in March and I have been struggling since.
I managed to pay off most of the campsite rent but I am now behind, with no money.
I have a couple of days food left.
I can help but I need help first.

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