It Looks Like Ireland..

Hello Everyone,

Where do i begin?? We had a Whirlwind few weeks and I guess it's going to be Ireland.

To start with, My wife and i have decided to move to ireland. Now like some of you in here, we have no clue about life in ireland. We have never been to ireland before. We are planning a short trip in Jan 2018 to experience first hand its winter and get a feel of this place. We would love to meet people during that trip for some first hand information.

Long Story Short...

On our recent trip to Manchester, my wife was reading a book about Ireland and suddenly she realised she could work in Ireland. We both are Australian Citizens and my wife is also a British National. Which makes things easy i suppose in terms of she getting a work etc. However we just don't know where to start.

Few important obvious questions that creeped up during our conversations are about Visas? Where to live in and around Dublin ? Safe Suburbs that we can live in?

My first Question

a) As we are Australian Citizens and my wife who is also British, what kind of Visa do i need to enter Ireland?

I know as a British Citizen she will not require a Visa nor does she need a Work Permit, given this scenario I'm assuming i need to apply for a Spouse Visa or Visa which allows me to stay and work there permanently. Would someone in this forum be able to assist me on the precise steps i need to take please?

b) Dublin is our first choice cause we usually hear the city Dublin a lot. If given a choice what is the other city that you can suggest for us to consider?

In Sydney , we live in the North Shore. We are looking to live somewhere safe with less crime. I know things can happen anywhere at anytime but having to move to a new community for the first time, we would like to feel safe and accepted. are there any suburbs that you guys can suggest for us please?

c) My third questions is, Is there a Demand for Doctors in Ireland?

Your replies, views and opinions will be much appreciated.

Thank you



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