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I am Kaleel Rahman from India and I am currently working in SAUDI ARABIA as an Engineer.I came to INDIA now in Emergency leave due to some family issues.I am not interested to go back Saudi Arabia again due to family condition.My IQAMA (Saudi Residency) is valid for  April 2018. I am Planning to go Dubai after one or two months in Visit to search Job.My Question is that,after I got job in Dubai there will be any problem in Visa Stamping (i.e UAE employment visa stamping),because I have Saudi visa in my passport which is not cancelled yet.

Did anyone face the same problem?

Please reply your Suggestions.

Thanking you in Advance.

Br, Through unconformed and unreliable sources I Recently came to know that a person with situation similar to yours even cannot work in GCC countries until 10 years for the exit& Re-entry violation
i.e not returning/reporting to your employer prior to the expiry of Visa. Kindly check with some professional moaggif in KSA if you know of.

Regarding your personal issue/family issue, I would advise you not to take any harsh decision immediately, always give time to things settle or calm down on their own, then decide in a cool and normal mood, seek advise from people who posses wisdom and are sensible & impartial. Pray 2 Rakah Salah by heart and soul and seek God's refuge.
In personal life decisions on certain sensitive matters, it affects one's entire life there is no place for 2nd chance particularly on marriage and divorce matters decisions, therefore rethink if the decision is being taken unwisely or out of haste no matter what ever the situation is.

Two of the beautiful attributes of Allah is Ghafoor and Raheem,  and the almighty likes forgiving and showing kindness to all.

Fi Amaan Allah

Two of my Architect from Egypt went on exit re entry . Didn't come back to Saudi &  now they are Dubai within a year.

Dear, Thank you for the information, but can you let me know whether is it a case on recent months or few months back.


Dear friend better you come back to saudia and make exit visa and go back.

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