Urgent and Important Technical Inquiry on General Employment Permit

Good Evening Everyone,
I'm so excited to be joining this forum today, I'm new. I fall in the category of individuals with an almost perfect lifestyle of maintaining absolute profile discretion. However I need urgent help and I'm hoping to get relevant information to further my course.

I'm a Nigerian Optometrist practicing in Saudi Arabia and have succeeded in registering with the competent authority for Optometrists in Ireland (CORU), for the recognition of my qualification.  After assessing my qualification, the Health and Social Care Regulating Body approved and issued a registration document that I undergo a training otherwise called Period of Adaptation.

Now, I do understand I qualify to apply for General Employment permit since my profession (Optometry) is neither in the highly skilled eligible occupation list nor ineligible list, but something worries me, hence my joining this platform.

I would like to know if the Period of Adaptation approval document issued by CORU is acceptable by department of jobs as an evidence of registration with the Competent Authority for Employment permit application.

I would appreciate you share your thoughts with me and any other information that can properly guide me.

Yours Sincerely,

Hi and welcome to the Forum. :)

Your "Period Of Adaptation" indicates that they do not accept your qualification at face value and that you will be required to undertake a placement in your skill, while under supervision, at an Irish Health Care facility; on completion, your qualification will be recognised in Ireland.

Whether anybody will give you a job based on that, I honestly don't know.  I suggest you contact some Irish Healthcare institution's and ask them.

Thank you Cynic for your contribution. I have already been offered a job for the adaptation period by an employer and the  competent authority has approved. My worry lies with the department of jobs, I want to know if they recognize the POA approval as evidence of registration or not.

I'm still open to more inputs.

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