To all English speaking people out there & new to Frankfurt!

Oh, the city offers so many amazing things to the new comers apart from the cultural shock of course.

But being the city of many nationalities, which it is, it will be interesting to catch-up with people who have just moved in to Frankfurt and their experience so far in this fascinating city or with people who have been here for a couple of years and are keen to rag the newbies :p

I do not know the topics which we should be discussing to start with but Wine & Beer should definitely help.

I am Vishal and I have just moved to Frankfurt from Mumbai,India. Working here as a Digital Marketing Manager (but not a nerd) in one of Financial Services company.

So let's meet or other ways of interacting are welcome :)

Hi there!

I'm Monica and planning to move to frankfurt (maybe)
in 1-2 years from now.

Hope we can be friends!

Hello Vishal,
Internations sets up good meetups based on the region and common interests.
Have fun.

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