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Hi!! Just want to ask if i can go to flight before the indicated departure date in my exit reentry visa?? For example i book my own flight oct 5 and the indicated depature in my exit reentry is oct 6??
Thank you for the answers!!!

Your exit-reentry visa starts from the date it was issued and the validity is 30 days from the date of issue. So your visa was issued on Sep 7, or is it issued to start from Oct 6?

If it's issued on Sep 7, then you can travel on Oct 5, but if it's issued to start from Oct 6, then you can you have to travel on Oct 6. After 12am flights will be considered as Oct 6 flights.

There is no indicative date in Exit Re-Entry visa. Only maximum dates before which you have to travel.

There are two dates. One is the one before which you have to go outside of KSA. It can be explicit date like 20th September or mentioned as number of days. Like you have to travel out of Kingdom before 60 days. If you are not going to travel within this date, then you can get it cancelled. If you will not travel, not cancelled it either and the date expires, you have have to pay fine for it.

Another one is the maximum date before which you have to land back inside Kingdom. Make sure to always travel 1-2 days before it. Because Hijri (Islamic) calendar works differently as compared to Gregorian calendar. Also Islamic date changes at sunset; not at midnight.

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In my visa it is indicated there that my departure is OCT 7... but my flight is on OCT 6...
Thank you for the reply...

In that case Oct 07 is your maximum departure date. You have to depart ANY time before Oct 07.

Thank you so much!!

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