Schooling options for 3 yo kid

Hi All,

What schooling options would be available to my 3 year old son ?

1. Will he be eligible for kindergarten?
2.   Process for registrations into schools/kindergarten?
3. Are there  kindergarten similar to international schools?
4. What are the respective fees?
5. Anything which should be kept in mind/could be helpful?

Thanks in advance.

1) Yes
2) You sign him up online on the municipality's website. In your case I would turn up at Borgerservice (citizen service) in your municipality and ask for their help to do so.
3) In general, no.
4) The fees will vary as it is part of the local municipality's service level. As a guide, you can take a look at the fees in the municipality of Copenhagen: … copenhagen
5) I don't know of anything.


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