Salary acceptable?


I have wife and 2 kids.
We hv commitment in home country and need 6000 aed for home country then a salary in Dubai to cover costs.

Is salary of below reasonable for our family?

Home schooling of 1 child. High school of another.
3 bedroom with study house
House cleaner
Comfortable lifestyle but not lavish.

Base salary 32000 AED
Housing allowance 130 000 AED per annum
Schooling 50000 AED per annum
Heath insurance
2 cars


Hi Terry,

Are you are getting housing and schooling allowance seperatly apart from 32,000 base salary?

If that is the case then you are well to go ahead

this is good salary and go ahead with it immediately without hesitation

Hi, thanks for response. housing allowance may be 100000 per annum, schooling may be 50000(not guaranteed).

allowances woudl be on top of 32k

i think its good salary as compare to you family

Go for it , very good package indeed , Rent prices have went down by a big number this year 2017

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