Basic advice required - Wanting to move from UK to Madinah

Hi All,

This may sound like a strange request, I currently work in the UK for a global bank in Audit. However I would like to give up my job and live a simpler life in Madina. I am finding it difficult to gain basic information on the correct visa etc to be able to do this. I was wondering if someone can help provide some answers to the below questions please.

- I plan to buy a vehicle and earn money by doing taxi, is this possible or is there restrictions?
- What visa is required for me and my wife?

I would really appreciate if someone could help or guide me to gain this information. I no longer want a career and wish to lead a simpler life in Madinah, really would appreciate some help from anyone willing too. This is a decision I haven't taken lightly, to give everything up in the UK and to move is a big decision so I hope you guys can help me.

Thanks in advance,

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