American girl undocumented in France, expecting baby soon

Hello everyone!

My name is Arbella, I will be 22 years old on September 20th, I was born in Kentucky, and I am currently an artist living in France. Two Summers ago I participated in a study abroad program in Spain where I met a French man who completely changed my life... After a year of long distance dating and all the exhausting back and forth's that go along with that, we decided we wanted to settle down and for me to move to France to be with him. This last year was my senior year in college and I graduated this past May thanks to the availability of online courses. Fast Forward a bit to today-- I'm 7 months pregnant and we are expecting our little girl in November.

I have been completely naive to the ins and outs of gaining citizenship, social security, or any kind of residential safety here. We want to get married, just not in this way and for this reason. We are looking into a PACS agreement, but I'm not sure if I am eligible as I have definitely overextended my stay.

Would it be possible to get a PACS agreement signed now so that I may be covered with his social security for our baby? So far we pay full price for every doctor's visit. Will I get fined for trying to get one with him?

I appreciate anyone's advice or personal experience!

It's likely you'll be fined regardless if you've overstayed, you should address that first and rectify your illegal presence in the country.  Host countries usually won't be too eager to welcome you and allow you to receive benefits of any kind from the government, when you've already disobeyed their laws as a visitor.

really i think you should find a lawer and paye him/her to maanage your dossier. it will cost may be 1000€ or so but with out one you'll die under the load of paper work and attitude of the french administration. i'm a duel australian italin now married to a french woman, but kids born before in forrigen countries.  a real nightmare.   NB make sure that boyfried "recognises" baby within 2 days of birth at town hall.

All i can say is good luck on your birth,i went on a Facebook group in my town(English speakers in Bordeaux etc) i found out a lot of information on how and where,at the end of the day the French are renowned for their humanity,so do not let this spoil your time. You can call your Embassy and they will give you all web sites you need.I"m going through a Pacs and i can tell you this,make sure you have a copy of your birth certificate,then add an extra 4 copies. (all can be done on line with your pass port)
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