Abu Dhabi security clearance rejected

My in midst of job transition. I was working for a bank , and now I ll be moving to a government sector bank. My security clearance has been rejected twice. I have no cases against me, I have no bank loans. What could be the reason? Has anyone come across something like this? If yes, what was the solution?

Hi Dza,

    I am also faced the same problem right now that to after the security clearance received few months back. so once they apply for visa last month it was rejected twice in security clearance. I don't know how it will happened once after i received the security clearance. 2 months back only i resigned from my previous employer and i worked in abudhabi for the past 3 years.

Please reply me if you came across any proper solution to solve this issue.!!

I can just say it's very random, and affects certain passport holders only. No other specific logic to it.


Thankyou, what will be the procedure to proceed further to clear the block list at security clearance. Now I am waiting for more than 2 months.

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