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Hi there,

I am moving from France to Mauritius next month, and I am planning to find a job once I am there.

I was initially thinking about going there as a tourist and then going for a while to Reunion Island once I have a job offer to do the paperwork (occupation permit).
I have recently been told that instead I can apply for a business visa prior to departure, for which I would need someone to sponsor me and would grant me a period of three months to find a job. This could avoid paying for another flight to get out of the country for the paperworks.

I have been looking for information about how to apply to this visa and how it works on the Passport and Immigration Office website but it is not really clear to me. I then tried to contact them by phone but they are not answering so far.

In the meantime, is anyone familiar with this matter, can anybody confirm that if I am on this particular visa I will not need to have a return/ongoing ticket to enter Mauritius ? Also any idea of how long it will take to issue the visa if I decide to do so ? I am moving on the 10th of October.

Thank you for any advice and precision, it would be very helpful !

Which nationality are you?

I'm French.

French get visa on arrival and do not need any invitation letter.  You always need a return ticket, unless you have a residence permit.  A visa, in Mauritius, is a temporary stay - if business, it can cumulate to an Occupation Permit (Investor, self-employed or professional) . You will need to leave and re-enter the country if you are on Tourist visa and require a business visa. Tourism visa is no longer converted into Business while the person is in Mauritius.

If tourism visa the only residency permit you can get is a Retired permit.

For work permit, you can't be present in Mauritius. You have to wait for the conclusion while being away from the island.

Thank you so much for your reply.

My question is though, is it not possible to ask for a business visa BEFORE I come to Mauritius, (I could ask someone I know there to sponsor me), and while in Mauritius turn this one into (or cumulate as you said) an Occupation Permit ?

Do you mean that for an occupation permit I will have to leave the country anyway, even if already on a business visa?

Sorry I don't know if it makes sense, this is completely new to me!

Thank you so much for your time :)

I don't think you will get visa prior to arrival. French people receive their visa on landing.
Even with a sponsor (which I can gladly give you), you can't get a visa before landing.

Yes, you need to be in Mauritius to apply for Occupation Permit. You don't need to leave while applying if you have Business visa.

Pls sir I'm a Nigeria nationality i want to ask if i can extens my visa have visit visa and is 7day pls advise me or any hlp u can for me

Yes, you can extend. Which visa you have, Business or Tourist?

Torism visa. But they gave me, 7day


Pls can i call u direct to explain thing for u bcz i got a work I'm a hairdressing and i told the owner of the salon abt my short visa bcz the person want me to work in her salon for 5to6 month so she told me that she will follow to immigration office the woman she a big woman and she have abt 4 beauty salon in this mauritius and she ready to take responsible everything for me to join their in her salon for 6moth feeding accommodation everything so pls if this woman explain herself to them in immigration can they issue the 6month stay for me first time coming to Mauritius.pls advice bcz as i am no money to go back so i have to make money

Pls advice me which visa can i go for while I'm in Mauritius with my 7day visa i can't. Go back

Thank you Nadeem for your answers by the way !
In the end I managed to reach the PIO on the phone and they told me I need a return ticket even if I enter with a business visa... Never mind !
Thanks :)

In case your Occupation Permit is not approved, you will have to return to France. Hence, one of the reasons for having a return ticket.

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