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I am from India and planning to move Dubai by  next month. I need some information regarding mobile phone recharge system in UAE. I have an Etisalat sim and I want to recharge it. What is the easiest option to recharge my number from india?? Is it possible to do it online??


If u have uae bank account u can do it online

12 convenient ways to recharge your prepaid line Etisalat

1. Etisalat Mobile App
2. Etisalat Online Services
3. Recharge cards
4. eVoucher
5. eRecharge
6. Etisalat Payment Machines (EPM)
7. Auto Pay
8. Mobile Pay
9. Online Banking
10. Local Credit Transfer
11. International Credit Transfer
12. Empost

it is easy to make it online, just make subscription to Etisalat website

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This is really helpful. Thank you😊

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