Salary for Marketing Executive Position in Maldives

Hi, Everyone! I am Styxy from the Philippines, the reason why I joined this site is to know more about Maldives especially when it comes to working there. I was offered a job by an agency here affiliated with Medplus for the position of Marketing Executive, as per the representative of the agency the employer will discuss the compensation package and benefits. It's up to me to negotiate the salary. I just wanted to know how much is the salary for that position in Maldives and what about the cost of living? I am not yet sure if the accommodation is provided and also is it safe for a female like me to work there (it is my first time to be working abroad). I will have my skype interview by next week.

I need your comments or advice guys (please help) thanks in advance:)



Normally. 600 USd 800USD. if you wanna know more details viber xxx

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Thanks Dinno:) does it depends on what type of industry? like, what about if it is a healthcare.?

Even am also in the same doubt what you have...good to also applying for the same post...all d best.

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