No degree, yet 20 years of teaching experience

Nowadays, so hard to find jobs specially if you don't have a degree. How I wish to apply for a teaching position anywhere in Asia. However, if skills and experience are acceptable substitutes for a degree, then I can prove that by serving and demonstrating my abilities (if given a chance). Well, here I am now looking for a housemaid job or a nanny job. At least, through this I can still share my expertise in teaching young children. I'm Kathy from Philippines.

Yes Kathy
Very difficult but not impossible, i also want to teach and I have a T.E.F.L certificate but still no luck.

Regards Stuart Hansen

Yeah right Stuart.
Have you visited I know you can get through this.

Thanks Kathy
No I have not checked that 1 out.I  am retired  61yrs old living in korat so even harder to find a teaching job. I am looking at online teaching, its option. Cambodia is not so strict so you might try also easier to get a visa for work and long stay.   :)

Regards Stuart Hansen

Thanks Stuart....searching on it.

Good luck Kathy.


hi you seem to know quite a bit would it be possible to pick your brain on a few things

Hi Kathy, my wife is from Cebu and I lived in Makati for 12 years. We live here in Bangkok now and I see many filipinos working in hospitality here, so if I were you I'd be trying the restaurants and hotels. Also the filipinos working in hospitality here are very friendly, so I'm sure they'd be helpful to you finding a good job. Cheers

Any luck getting a teaching job?

Yes, is good. You can also try the tutorial centres or perhaps private tutoring. Best of luck.

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