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Sir good day.. Can i ask you im working here in saudi 1 yr and 6 months and i want to go home now. I dont like my work here can i quit to my work my contract is 2 yrs but they said to me 3 years.. Sir do i need to pay them im working here 1 yr and 6 months now please help me my boss here said they call.police and end up prison.. Why im not doing here any wrong or mistakes i just want to leave here

Government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has moved a step ahead to help Saudi expatriates by launching a helpline number for those who are facing issues and problems while working and living in Saudi Arabia.

Workers who are facing problems like harassment's or dispute with their employers or sponsors, Not received salaries or vacation leaves can report on this helpline. Officials will try to resolve or settle the issues by discussing with the sponsors, If the discussions did not solve the matters then they will drag the matter to the Labor Court, Where your Embassy will arrange interpreter for you free of cost.

- Expatriates can speak with the specialist about their issues and problems by calling directly to this help line 19911 from your phone.
For now this service is available for Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Indonesian, Amharic, Malayalam and Tagalog language speaking expatriates only.

- Saudi expatriates can call this helpline in a weekdays. That is from Saturday to Thursday and the timings are from 8 AM to 8 PM.
Helpline : 19911
- Saturday to Thursday
- 8AM to 8PM

Hi Vash,

You have to look at your offer letter first  care fully see what are the conditions mentioned there , it will be written very clearly that if you are resigning then you may have to pay this much of amount or what ever the clause is , just you can pay that and you  can leave , make sure when you are leaving after paying the amount take your experience letter ,

Sir thanks for replying.. Sir the contract that i sign is 2 yrs and they said here 3 yrs sir help me i want to exit im working here 1 yr and six months now.. The employer here is rich and they have friends with.police im scared here sir wat do i do.. And sir i have read the contract..

Read this article  it will be helpfull for you … iates.html

What do work as for them ?
Why you don't like to work for them ? Did they treat you bad ?

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