Small family business

Dear all,

Is a small coffee establishment in Vietnam worth about 20 customers needing a local partner?



Your post is vague. lacking in detail.
What sort of information, advice are you seeking.

As I read it, you are asking if a coffee establishment with only 20 customers is in need of a partner.

Please supply a lot more information or this thread is likely to be closed.


Please could you elaborate the plan and intention of post ?

G'day Seemchef,

So your looking for a Joint business venture in a cafe that has only 20 regular customers. ?
That shouldn't be too hard to find, lots of cafes here swapping hands on a regular basis.

But getting good financial advice regarding insolvency, receivership & liquidation could be more tricky.

Don't worry, it won't be long before some local "business broker" sends you a PM on this site. The locals do trawl here for suckers intent on losing money.

It's not often you see partnerships end amicably here.   They say never go into business with friends or that leaves the vIetnamese locals as your choice of partner.

Good luck with that.

I simply want to establish a small cafe, about 20 to 25 customers, in Cambodia before I   have a small cafe without a local partner, so I ask if it is the same in Vietnam?

Many thanks

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