English Speaking in Sete

Hello I am a female that is thinking of coming back to live in the south of France again.  Looking for same alike, also French people of course are welcome, to practice their English, however my accent is Australian :-)
Wanting to just connect back into the French way or life ! As it's been a fair few years since I have been back.

Hi Eviekidhan, we just moved to Sète early this year, and getting settled in. I've been searching for English/French exchange groups and so far only find them in Montpellier (too far for us, with no car). I know of one Anglophone group, but have yet to make it to their get-together.
Welcome back soon,

Hello, I'm French but coming back from twenty years in the United states. I'm in Provence. Living in La Ciotat. Where in Provence are you planing to be. Would like to chat to Keep my English going if you would like of course!
Keep in touch always open to meet new people from everywhere.

Hello JulieH, Yes I do understand you, as I will not have a car also, and Montpellier is not within walking distance, I lived in Sete for a couple of years but circumstances changed and I moved, but as I said, will be going back over for a bit.  I think I know about that English speaking group, it might possibly be the one that I had attended a couple of times myself, but did not continue as I had a baby and times was very pushed. 
Anyway I am glad you came to reply to my message I hope to keep in contact with you and Possibly meet up.  What country are you from?
Speak soon

Hi Eviekidhan -
I'm from the USA, but also spent 8 years in Costa Rica.
Definitely let me know when you get in; let's meet!

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