Moving to Dalian

Hi everyone!

I'll be moving to Dalian in January and just had a few general questions! Any help or guidance is SUPER appreciated!

What are some majorly important things to bring from home?

Electricity converters??? Just in general I have no clue if  I need some of these or just new electronics.

Habits (specifically American) to avoid in China.

Good ways to deal with culture shock.

Are monsoons/typhoons/majorly destructive weather patterns at all common in Dalian?

Any super awkward interactions due to doing or looking for something that isn't commonly socially acceptable? i.e. Tampons or whatnot?

Are there any cool museums/nature spots? ( I know I could totally google this, and I have, but I'd kind of like an insider's opinion.)

Degree of racial interactions. (Like people striking up conversations/staring due to obvious physical differences)

Some background to help inform answers:
I'm a 23 year old American girl.
I've never left the U.S. Ever.
I want to see the world and meet new people. Mainly because I think Americans in general get a little too stuck in our views.
I am way into history and exploring cultures.
Thanks in advance for all your help! Can't wait to meet everyone!

You chargers should have multiple inputs, check them. The electricity here is 220 @50 Hertz, but is 2 prong so you have to buy an adapter or elongate the power strip  to accept the wider prong (It can be done). Adapters/converters are hard to find here.
Museums are free, just bring your passport for entrance. Google all the places you want (along with directions) because you cannot use Google here and Baido browser is generally in Chinese maps/directions (english version is limited). Bus & subway service is great til about 10pm.
There are no American habits to avoid; You have to get used to phlegm spitting here, public urination (men/children...even #2). Very noisy (horn honking/megaphone advertisements....) Litter and open public markets.
The weather is great in Dalian since its by the coast. Just stay on elevated locations because of heavy rains/flooding. No major weather issues.
Things to brings: Dental floss (hard to find-they use toothpicks here). Expensive items are: Wine, nuts/seeds, Olive oil, canned tuna, coffee (instant/ground). Hard to find good cheese and even regular milk-theirs are like packaged milk. Organic items usually found at the big malls/food courts, but certification of those products are questionable.
Your local Chinese co-worker is your go to person.
Visits, from Cali

Thanks so much! That helps a lot!

it`s freezing here. dress as more as you can.
you gotta find a way to kill time during the spring festvial days.
i am local people,if you need help you can message me

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