Work Permit and business visa at the same time?

Hello Friends,

I got a long term opportunity in Malaysia and my company has submitted stage 1 today. It will take few days to get the stage 1 approval and then few more days to get the SEV stamped on passport.

I need to be part of some important meetings with our vendors and client coming week. Is it possible to apply for business visa while the stage 1 application is under process?

Please suggest!!!

Thanks in advance!

With all the Public Holidays in September, I think the current processing time for Stage 1 is about 1 month and then another 4-6 weeks for the Visa with Reference to be authorised (after which you need to submit your passport to the nearest High Commission for stamping before travelling to Malaysia).

As you know, you are not permitted to be in Malaysia while Stage 1 is being processed. In fact you can't officially start working for the company until you arrive on the "SEV" (VDR) and your company hands in your passport for Stage 2 (endorsement) to be carried out.

I don't think immigration would approve a Special Pass just for the convenience of business meetings.  That takes about one week to organiise. But there is no harm in the employer putting their case forward.

My company applied for my stage 1 application through an agent (TMF group) in the last week of July, I was supposed to hear back by 3rd week of August but they said there were some changes in the rules and that the whole process got delayed for additional 3 weeks. I am still waiting for an answer from them! 

I will hold a 3 year expat role, Its an intra company move (we have a locally registered and functioning branch office in KL ) and my salary is very much above the 5000 RM...Do you think there are still chances that my application gets rejected? And if it does can I/the company re-apply soon after? or there will be some cooling period?

Just want to be prepared with plan B..


As per 1st September the minumum salary for EP - Professional Pass Category I was raised to RM10k per month. But Category II is now RM5k-RM9999k per month. This can cause a change in the application. Cat I is up to 5 years and Cat II is up to 2 years - just general information - … 07.html#04

Apart from those changes, have not heard of any others. A company can always appeal a rejection. One other cause of delay can be that a company has not advertised the job locally to prove there are no candidates and therefore a foreign hire is needed.

Thanks Gravitas...i wasnt aware of what the actual changes were until now...

Regarding the local advertisement, I am not aware if my company has done it  or not. But if it hasn't advertised, can this just cause a delay or can this also cause a rejection?

Appreciate it!

Delay and rejection would be possible. It is mandatory to show that there was no local hire possible. A recruitment advertising cycle takes about 3-4 weeks.

I'm into a tech startup business with an Australian partner, and the plan was for him to move to KL and help to manage the business operations as we grow. However his work permit application which  took 4 arduous month to process has been rejected for reason that his role could be easily filled by any local. Perhaps I made a mistake by putting his position as "Business Development Manager" . I'm quite stunned now as to what should be my next move ? Appeal ? Or change his position ?  I really need some help in the business now.  Really appreciate any advice or leads of agent that could help with his visa application . Thanks a lot .

Appea. Explain why his knowledge of the product is essential to business development. But be prepared that they may only approve say a 2 year EP and expect knowledge transfer to a local during that time. Note also the new salary levels for Category I, II and III.

Just to provide an update. Got my stage 1 approval today. Now waiting for the hardcopy to get SEV stamped on my passport. Hopefully I'll be to travel by end of next week.

Keep us updated about the "SEV" and when you get that please.

I too got my stage one approved yesterday! My HR asked me to fly to KL and get through with the stamping process (I was told this will)
I got the eNTRI approved the same day I applied!
Will travel to KL soon for the 2nd stage.

Reached Malaysia on 1st Oct, SEV is valid till 30t Oct.

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Hi Vipin,

This is Ambarish from Maharashtra. My company have stared the process for stage 1.

I have the quire about SEV. After stage 1 approval where do I submit my passport to stamped the SEV?

can you please help me out of this?


You have to go to the Malaysian Embassy in the country where your company applies the visa with reference letter

Dont worry once your EP is approved your company will forward the VDR which states all the information you require to collect your single entry visa

The VDR is NOT issued at the airport...... it is a consular process done at an embassy, consulate, or high commission.

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